The ultimate cold wallet for your cryptocurrency.

Easy Setup. Slim and Compact. Keep your asset safe and cold. Powered by Coolbit X.

  • The only crypto wallet you will need

    Mighty Wallet is a compact, cold storage for your cryptocurrency. Equipped with certified secure chip and locally stored keys, you'll never risk losing your assets to hacking again.

  • Easily check your balance

    Checking the balance on Mighty Wallet is as easy as simple taps on the button. Push multiple times to change the token to view.

  • Slim & Durable

    Mighty Wallet is sized to be the same as credit cards so that you can always keep it in your wallet. It's also tamper-proof to physical stress.


The Best Cold Wallet
  • Locally Stored Keys

    Your keys are stored in the hardware and isolated from an internet connection for security. 

  • Track & Exhchange

    Track & exchange your cryptocurrency assets anytime in real time rates from your app. 

  • Ultimate Security

    Certified secure microchip on the hardware, Encrypted Bluetooth and 2+1 FA to connect to the app.

  • Send & Receive Tokens

    Carry out true peer-to-peer transctions from anywhere you are within minutes across borders.

Unmatched Build Quality

In its compact body, Mighty Wallet packs cutting edge technology that makes it one of the most secure cold wallet on the market.

Total Control from your Phone

Mighty Wallet securely connects to your mobile device through Encrypted Bluetooth. Track your assets and carry out transactions securely with 2+1 FA all from the Coolbit X app.

Exchange your tokens

Partnered with Changely, Mighty Wallet allows you to exchange your tokens with other tokens within the Coolbit X app. All it takes is a few clicks on the screen without a need for complicated registration process.

Security Features

Encrypted Bluetooth

No more clanky USBs. Securely connect to your phone via 100% wireless encrypted Bluetooth.

EAL5+ Microchip

Equipped with CC EAL5+ certified secure element microchip, the top security component on the market.

2 + 1 Factor Authentication

Each transaction takes three quick verification steps to ensure your asset's security.