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What is Mighty Wallet?

Why Mighty Wallet?

How is it different from other hardware wallet?

What is the size and other specifications for the Mighty Wallet?

Who do I contact if I have not received my order?

What is the list of coins/tokens supported by Mighty Wallet?

Does the Mighty Wallet support ERC20 tokens?


What kind of devices can Mighty Wallet work on?

Would I need an Internet connection to use Mighty Wallet?

Do I need to turn off Mighty Wallet after usage or it will automatically turn off?

Can I exchange my coins/tokens through the Mighty Wallet?

How do I know when to update the card firmware?

Why has my Mighty Wallet firmware update always failed?

Why does my wallet pairing fail? What should I do?

What happens if I forgot my pairing password?


Why is the seed important?

How do I acquire the seed generated from Mighty Wallet?

How can I keep my seed secured?

How secure is Mighty Wallet?

How do I know if a wallet address is valid?


How long does the Mighty Wallet battery last?

Is Mighty Wallet waterproof?

Is the Mighty Wallet heat/cold resistant?

Is the Mighty Wallet bendable?

Does the Mighty Wallet get worn out?

Why can't I charge my Mighty Wallet?