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1. Charge Your Card

Before beginning, make sure you have enough battery on your Mighty Wallet. If the battery is low, charge before proceeding.

2. Download Coolbit X App

Download a Coolbit X application on your mobile device.

(Search 'Coolbit X' in App Store/Google Play)


3.Turn on Mighty Wallet

Turn on your Mighty Wallet by pressing the button for 2 seconds until you see 'please pair' sign on E-paper display.

4. Launch Coolbit X App

After turning the app on, press 'Connect' option as soon as it appears with your Mighty Wallet number.

5. Press the Button on Mighty Wallet

Press the button on your Mighty Wallet to confirm the connection

6. Choose 'Create' on the Coolbit X App

Choose 'Create' to create a new wallet.

5. Generating Seeds Option A-by App

Generate the seed for your wallet (private key needed to recover your wallet in a case of emergency). Choose 'By App' to generate the seed from the app. Select the length of the seed, and tap 'Generate.'

Write down the words shown and verify the words after clicking 'write down and verify.' (To store your seed in the most secure way, physically write down your seed instead of saving it as a image file.)


6. Generating Seeds Option B-by Card

Generate the seed for your wallet on your card. This is the most secure way to generate seed. After pressing 'generate,' write down all numbers that appear on your Mighty Wallet, and press the button to go to the next set of number.


7. Set Up Complete

The set up is complete after you successfully verify your seeds.